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1-on-1 Optimize & Overview Studio - 30 mins

Optimize Your Studio in 30mins with 1-on-1 Sound Advice from Sunny 💎

If you're looking to take your studio game up a notch, you need to chat with Sunny Diamonds. He offer top-of-the-industry advice that will help optimize your studio setup. After sitting down with Sunny you will feel confident when creating high quality sound recordings. 

What to expect from our call:

  • Discuss your current pain points to find solutions

  • Optimize your current setup for ultimate sound quality

  • Discuss pointers and ways to get most out of your current hardware

  • 1-on-1 advice customized exactly to your personal studio 

  • Sunny-Diamonds-House-of-Diamonds-Toronto-Recording-Studio-Mixing-Mastering-Production

    Sunny Diamonds

    There's no denying that Toronto is home to some of the best mixing and mastering engineers in North America. But if we're being honest, there's only one name that really matters in the 6ix: Sunny Diamonds.

    What our clients are saying

    Sunny Diamonds Recording Studio Downtown Toronto

    "I was blown away by the level of knowledge and support provided during the 1-on-1 home studio consultation. The consultant was not only highly skilled but also genuinely passionate about helping me achieve my goals. They offered tailored advice and recommendations specific to my setup, resulting in a remarkable improvement in my sound quality. With their guidance, I now have the confidence to produce music that stands up to industry standards. It was an incredibly rewarding experience!"

    • Emily R.
    Sunny Diamonds Recording Studio Downtown Toronto

    "The 1-on-1 home studio consultation was an eye-opening experience. The consultant's deep understanding of recording techniques and equipment optimization helped me unlock the true potential of my home studio. They went above and beyond to answer all my questions and provided practical solutions that greatly enhanced the clarity and professional sound of my tracks. The consultation was a game-changer for my music, and I am grateful for their expertise and guidance."

    • Mark L.

    "I can't recommend the 1-on-1 home studio consultation enough! The expertise and personalized attention I received were outstanding. The consultant patiently walked me through the intricacies of recording, mixing, and mastering, offering insights. The result?My music now sounds polished and competitive, with that professional radio quality I've always dreamed of. This consultation was a worthwhile investment in my music career!"

    David P.

    Sunny Diamonds Recording Studio Downtown Toronto

    "Working with the team for a 1-on-1 home studio consultation was an absolute game-changer. They took the time to understand my specific setup and needs, providing invaluable advice to enhance my recordings. The tips and techniques shared during the consultation significantly improved the sound quality of my tracks. I am now able to achieve that professional, radio-ready sound right from my home studio. Thank you for the exceptional guidance and support!"

    Sarah M